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Samsung Li ion Batteries

Samsung Li ion Batteries

Samsung SDI has ranked No.1 in terms of the global market share of lithium-ion batteries since 2010, through continuous technological innovation like high energy density, fast charging. Samsung mainly has 18650 and 21700 two small-sized li-ion batteries. These two kinds of Samsung lithium ion battery cover the capacity from 2000mah to 5000mah, discharge current varies from 3A to 35A. Samsung Li ion batteries have 3 different production plants in Korea, Malaysia, and China Tianjin, which ensures sufficient supply, competitive costs, and fast delivery for market demands. 

PLS Battery, as a lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries factory,  is able to produce different specifications of lithium batteries. If you want to buy cheap lithium ion batteries, please contact us. 

Samsung Li ion Battery Benefits

Competitive Price

we order from the manufacturer in large quantities every month. 

Fast Delivery

Dongguan and Hong Kong warehouse for delivery according to quantities


Samples are available.

Excellent Service

reply within 8hours; delivery within 1-2days; professional team suggests the competitive models according to customers' requirements; handle after-sale service within 12hours.

Variable Capacities

variable capacities from 2200mah to 5000mah, some high power cell continuous discharge rate can reach 20A.

Meet Different Application Demands

Audiovisual equipment, portable fans, power banks, lights, Bluetooth speakers, camera anti-theft display stands, office automation, communication devices, electric vehicles

Samsung Types of Li ion Batteries

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