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Lithium Polymer Batteries

Lithium Polymer Batteries

PLS Battery, as one of the top lipo battery manufacturers, has owned 362 types of lithium polymer battery molds, which can be used for thousands of customized batteries with different thicknesses and capacities. The battery capacities can vary from 10mah to 20,000mah, and the battery thickness can be made from 1mm to 12mm. These products include 180mah lipo battery, 25mah lipo battery, 40mah lipo battery, 100mah lipo battery, 520mah lipo battery, 2s 3.7v lipo battery, 3.7v 1000mah lipo battery, 3.7v 1800mah lipo battery, 3.7v 1200mah lipo battery, 3.7v 1500mah lipo battery, 3.7v rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 3.7v lipo battery 2000mah, etc. 18650 lipo battery, 523450 lipo, 600mah lipo 503040 and 603450 battery are also can be provided. 1 cell lipo battery and 3 cell lipo battery as well. 

In our lithium ion battery factory, the size of lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries can also be customized according to your demands, such as a micro lipo battery. PLS Battery has a professional R&D team to evaluate the custom requirements and offer solutions, ODM/OEM battery projects are welcome. PLS Battery also can adjust the battery assembly with PCB, wire, connectors according to requirements. PLS lithium polymer batteries are widely used for GPS, POS devices, Bluetooth earphones, smartwatches, wearable products, bank Ukey, medical equipment, scanner, and other portable devices. A large number of qualified and cheap lipo batteries are in store. And our li-polymer battery price is competitive in the market. If you want to buy lithium polymer batteries, please contact us!

Lithium Polymer Batteries Benefits

High Energy Density

Volume energy density can reach 460Wh/L

Long Cycle Life

Capacity recovery can be above 80% after 500 cycles

High Safety

No fire, no explore of short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, Shock, vibration, crush, acupuncture.

Superior Storage Characteristics

The self-discharge rate of Lithium-ion polymer battery is about 3% per month when stored at room temperature

Various Models

Hundreds of moulds from micro size 10mAh to large capacity 20,000mah

Custom Dimension

Low cost of making mould for customizing dimension and capacity


Easy to adjust assembly components, such as PCB, wire length, connectors

Types of Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries For Sale

Lithium Polymer Batteries Applications

Lithium Polymer batteries are flat batteries, widely used for 3C products according to the dimension and capacity, such as GPS, POS device, Bluetooth earphone, smart watch, wearable products, bank Ukey, notebook, DVD, medical equipment, scanner and other portable devices.

FAQs Of Lithium Polymer batteries

How Long Will A Lithium Polymer Battery Hold A Charge?

The typical estimated life of a Lithium polymer battery is about 300 to 500 charge cycles. One charge cycle is a period of use from fully charged, to fully discharged, and fully recharged again.

How To Maintain Lithium Polymer Batteries?

We usually recommend adding PCB to the batteries or have protected the circuit in the device. And recharge the batteries before they are completely dead. Not letting it die completely will extend the battery lifespan, usually recharge or use the batteries every 3-6months if want to store batteries.

What Can I Use A Lithium Polymer Battery For?

Lithium polymer batteries are mainly used for portable device, with different requirements of capacity and dimensions, please contact us if any question

How Do I Charge A Lithium Polymer Battery?

You can charge the batteries according to our datasheet, the charge cut off voltage is 4.2V/cell, or charge it in your application devices, please contact us if any question.

How Can I Customize A Lithium Polymer Battery?

Please tell us your max dimension, min capacity request of battery, we will evaluate, and see if we have moulds can meet the requestor have to make new mould for the requirement.

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