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Lithium Battery Packs

Lithium Battery Packs

Lithium Battery Packs include Li ion battery packs (or called Lithium ion packs), LiFePo4 battery packs, Lithium polymer battery packs, which are customized lithium ion power packs, lifepo4 power packs, lithium polymer battery cells to reach different requirements of battery pack capacity, voltage, dimension, connectors. The battery cells brands include Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Sony, PLS, We PLS have an assembly plant which focus on lithium power pack with different cells, PCB, BMS, connectors, enclosures. We have participated in hundreds projects of custom battery packs, can share experience and market information with customers. 

In our lithium ion battery factory, samples and small quantity orders are acceptable, and assembly time is usually 7-10days. Batteries, such as portable lithium battery pack, 24v lithium ion battery pack and 18650 lithium battery pack can be produced according your needs. So just tell us your final request, we will suggest and design lithium pack for you!

Lithium Battery Packs Components

Typical lithium battery packs include: battery cell, PCB or BMS, wires, gasket, PVC, barley paper, nickel tapes, epoxy board, and some optional components such as connectors, enclosures, LED display, etc.

Lithium Battery Packs Advantages

  • Lithium battery packs has all the benefits of lithium battery cells

  • Lithium battery packs can be designed case by case

  • Lithium battery packs voltage, dimension can be adjusted for different applications

  • Lithium battery packs match with PCB, BMS, which is safer

  • Lithium battery packs can work longer time with cells in parallel

  • Lithium battery packs can have connector or enclosures, which can be used directly

Lithium Battery Packs Applications

Lithium battery packs are widely used for: big electric vehicles: buses, electric vehicles, tourist attractions, and hybrid vehicles; light electric vehicles: electric bicycles, golf carts, forklifts, cleaning vehicles, electric wheelchairs, electric tools: electric drills, electric saws, lawnmowers, remote control cars, boats, airplanes, and other toys; solar energy and wind power storage equipment; UPS and emergency lights, warning lights and miner's lamps, small medical equipment and portable instruments, 3C products, digital equipment and replacement of some lead-acid batteries, etc.

FAQs of Lithium Battery Packs

How long will a lithium battery pack hold a charge?

The lithium battery pack life cycle is depending on the battery cell materials used, lifepo4 battery packs usually with 1000-2000 or more times. Li ion battery packs and lipo battery packs are usually with 300-500 times.

How to maintain lithium battery packs?

The charge and discharge standards are according to the battery materials as well, For battery packs, we recommend to add PCB for packs, and recharge or use the storage batteries every 3-6months.

What can I use a lithium battery pack for?

Lithium battery packs have a widely application area, such as vehicles, 3C products, UPS power supply, lights, etc. it can be designed per to your requested dimension, voltage, capacity, connectors, etc. Please come to us with customizing your own battery packs.

How do I charge a lithium battery pack battery?

Usually a lithium battery pack is with connector, we can match chargers for the battery pack, or you can plug in your device to charge. Please contact us if any question.

How can I customize a lithium battery pack?

Please tell us your dimension, voltage, capacity, discharge current, working temperature, applications, etc. requirement of battery, we will evaluate and recommend workable solutions for you accordingly. 

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