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Li-ion Batteries

Li-ion Batteries

Nowadays, li ion battery types have become various. PLS Battery, as one of li ion battery suppliers,  offers different types of lithium batteries with NCM or LiCoO2 materials, including lithium ion 18650, 26650 lithium ion battery, 32650 lithium ion battery, 18500 li ion battery, 14500 lithium ion battery, 10440 lithium ion battery, 21700 lithium ion battery, etc. type. The battery cell capacity varies from 500mah to 5000mah, and the highest C-rate can reach 45C. Those include 12.8 v lithium ion battery, 12v 10ah lithium ion battery, 12v 12ah lithium ion battery, 12v 5ah lithium ion battery, 12v 7ah lithium battery, 12v 9ah lithium ion battery, 18v lithium ion battery, 2000mah lithium ion battery, 22.2 v lithium ion battery, 3.6 v lithium ion battery, 3.7 lithium ion battery, 3000mah lithium ion battery, 4.2 v lithium ion battery, 5000mah li ion battery, 6.4 v lithium ion battery, 7.4 v lithium ion battery, 9.6 v lithium ion battery, li ion battery 11.1 v 4400mah, li ion battery 2200mah, li ion battery 4000mah, li ion battery 7.4 v 2600mah, lithium ion 12v, etc. We, being one of li ion battery manufacturers, match conformity of internal resistance and voltage within 5mΩ and 10mV difference for all PLS brand cells according to customers' battery pack assembly requirements. 

At PLS Battery, which is one of lithium ion battery companies, custom lithium ion battery packs are provided. In our lithium ion battery factory, featured battery cells are also the main batteries with advantages of competitive prices and fast delivery. We, as one of lithium ion battery producers,  are laser-focused in providing only 100% authentic, Grade A cells, for brands such as Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Sony|Murata, Panasonic, etc. As one of lithium battery suppliers, we provide li ion batteries for sale and our lithium ion battery cell price is competitive in the market. As one of lithium ion battery pack manufacturers, we also support lithium battery wholesale and bulk lithium batteries. If you want to buy qualified and cheap lithium ion batteries, please contact us.

Next let's know more about LG Li ion Batteries, Samsung Li ion Batteries, Panasonic Li ion Batteries, Sanyo Li ion Batteries and PLS.

Types of Li-ion Batteries

Li-ion Battery Components

A typical cylindrical battery structure includes:case, cap, a positive electrode, a negative electrode, separator, electrolyte, PTC element, gasket, anti-explosive valve, etc. Generally, the battery case is the negative electrode of the battery, and the cap is the positive electrode of the battery. The battery case is made of a nickel-steel plate.

Li-ion Battery Advantages

  •  Lithium-ion batteries energy density is as high as 120~190Wh/kg

  •  Lithium-ion battery discharge cut off voltage is 2.5V, full charge voltage is 4.2V

  • unlike Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, Lithium-ion batteries don't have memory effect.

  • The average lithium-ion battery lifespan for a large-capacity battery pack can be as long as eight or more years. 

  • compare with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have significant environmental benefits. It can be recycled.

  •  high density and voltage have the battery packs with lighter weight than similar spec lead acid, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery packs

  •  Lithium batteries has low self-discharge rate

  • lithium-ion batteries have developed for a long time with a high degree of standardization, automatic and mass continuous production reduced the costs.

Lithium Battery Applications

Most of PLS li ion cells are 18650 models, 18650 is the gasoline of the 21st century, which is widely used for portable communications, zero-emissions vehicles, military equipment, backup power supply, etc., like electronic cigarette, power tools, robotics, and other electronic devices. With the mature production technology and high standardization, meanwhile, the fully automatic production line guarantee low costs and good quality of battery cells.

FAQs Of Li-ion Batteries

What Are Possibly The Reasons Cause Cells Or Battery Packages Non-rechargeable?
  • Zero Voltage in cell or cell in battery packages.

  • Wrong battery connection, or abnormity inner parts or circuit protector

  • Charger is the failure to the output current.

  • External factors can be possible triggers of meager charge rate (e.g., extremely low or high temperatures).

Is The Ambient Temperature Important When Charging?

Yes. Ideally, batteries should be recharged at room temperature. We recommend maintaining a temperature range of 15°C to 30°C.

What Is The Electrochemistry Principle Of Li-ion Battery?

Major element of Li-ion cell positive is LiCoO2, negative is mainly C. when charged

Positive reaction is: LiCoO2→Li1-xCoO2 + xLi+ + xe-

Negative reaction is: C + xLi+ + xe→CLix

Total reaction is: LiCoO2 + C→Li1-xCoO2 + CLix

The reaction is reversible as discharged.

What’s The Cycle Life Of Lithium Ion Battery?

Charging and discharging the battery as blew conditions:

0.2C standard charge to 4.2V end-off

0.2C standard discharge to 2.75V cut-off

Continuous charge and discharge for 500 cycles, the capacity will be more than 70% of initial capacity

How To Maintain Lithium Ion Batteries?

Recharge the lithium-ion batteries before it comes to discharge cut off voltage(2.75V), when use as a battery pack, please add PCB or BMS for the pack. And charge the batteries every 3months when have it in storage.

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