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1S2P IFR14500 3.2V 1200Mah Lifepo4 Battery Pack

1S2P IFR14500 3.2V 1200mah lifepo4 battery pack is a customized battery with IFR14500 3.2v 600mah battery cells. 

This lithium power pack is 1200mAh with PVC and connector. The battery dimension, PCB, wire length, connectors can be adjusted according to your demands for lithium battery packs. PLS Battery, as one of lithium ion battery manufacturers, has developed great progresses in the market of batteries. Please come to us for more info.  

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Specification of 1S2P IFR14500 3.2V 1200Mah Lifepo4 Battery Pack

Model1S2P 3.2V 1200mAh 14500 Battery Pack
Nominal Voltage3.2V
Nominal Capacity1200mAh
Charge cut-off voltage3.65V
Discharge cut-off voltage2.0V
CellsPLS 14500 3.2v 600mah
Assembly1S2P pack

1 lines* 2 rows of 14500 cells

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