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Panasonic 18650 BD vs. Panasonic 18650 BE
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Panasonic 18650 BD vs. Panasonic 18650 BE

The Panasonic NCR collection is probably the most essential line of lithium-ion batteries. If that is as well much a stretch since you prefer li-poly which is likewise excellent, nobody would say that they go to least big-shots of the 18650 globe. The NCR18650A was the first actually high-capacity lithium-ion battery in the market, which is the essential statistics driving need of electric automobiles - the biggest market for these kind of cells. The NCR18650B which came some time later is the NCR18650A's usurper with an also higher ability. These are both asset cells which primarily specify the "power density metric" which all energy experts adhere to so very closely.

The Panasonic 18650 B is the battery powering the existing generation of Tesla Model S and also thus receives great interest.

The Panasonic 18650 B has relatives. They are minor variations to the original chemistry that generate small variations in end performance. Electrolyte equilibriums are somewhat fine-tuned, or other adjustments are made to the original chemistry such that variables like cycle life, or capability can be focused as well as maximized. The Panasonic B is no exemption, specifically with its popularity, so it obtains several variants. One variant might one day cause the future generation of battery with a substantially (+200 mAh) greater capability.

In this article I will certainly compare the requirements and aesthetic features of two preferred variants of the NCR18650B - the Panasonic NCR18650BD (grey) as well as NCR18650BE (eco-friendly).

Specification of Panasonic BD as well as Panasonic BE

Panasonic 18650 BD Spec Sheet


Panasonic 18650 BE Spec Sheet


Comparative Specifications Table

Panasonic 18650 BDPanasonic 18650 BE
Rated Capacity (mAh)3000 (at 20°C)3200 (at 20°C)
Min. Nominal Capacity (mAh)3080 (at 25°C)3030 (at 25°C)
Typ Nominal Capacity (mAh)3180 (at 25°C)3180 (at 25°C)
Discharge current for ratings (A)0.610.61
Nom. Voltage (V)3.63.6
Charging Voltage (V)4.24.2
Charging Current (A)0.9[Fixed] 0.909
Charging Time (hours)85
Max. Continuous Discharge (A)103.63
Discharge End Voltage (V)2.52.5
Max. Weight (g)4948.5
Max. Diameter (mm)18.518.2
Max. Length (mm)65.365.5
Max. Temperature (°C)70?

Capability of Panasonic BD as well as Panasonic BE


BD has +50 mAh nominal capacity

BE has +200 mAh rated ability

So which battery has a higher capacity? Well, with such ambiguous interpretations, it is quite challenging to state out-right. My impulse after checking out the United Nations record on the meaning of ranked capacity is to select the more variable small score, particularly its common designation. In this instance both the 18650BD and the 18650 BE have precisely the exact same common small ability of 3180 mAh.

With every battery discharge examination you go for house, you additionally have to consider the three factors (load, temperature level, voltage cut-off point) if you wish to get your own battery specs to match with the producer's. You can see the proper conditions in the relative spec graph uploaded above.

The characteristics of the discharge examination for both batteries are:

20 or 25 degrees Celcius ambient temperature

.61 ampere discharge present

2.5 volt cut-off point when the discharge ends

Charging Time as well as Max. Continual Discharge

The majority of elements of these 2 batteries are the same. Nevertheless billing time as well as optimum continual discharge ratings are very different. In a higher-drain circumstance you need to choose the BD over the BE The BE has an extremely low drainpipe limitation (regarding 3 amps) contrasted to the BD (with around 10 amps). If you need acceleration, torque, or burst power of high amps - there is no contest, the BD success.

Remarkably sufficient, for the 18650 BD to accomplish this it needed to be made up for with a longer charge time. The BD takes 8 full hours to charge on its ranked cost current of.9 amps. The spec sheet states 3 amps is the limit this battery will take. Compare that to the BE with an affordable five hr recharge. That is really a 40% reduction in charge time.

So you have to weight amp discharge with charge-time if you are picking between these two batteries, as all other specs are essentially the same.

Keeping Panasonic 18650 BD as well as BE.

You must store the batteries under the list below problems:

Between -20 C and also +20 C.

Low humidity (less than 70 %RH).

No harsh gases.

No condensation on batteries.

If you are storing them longer than 3 months the only distinction is.

Release or partly release the batteries for long period of time.

The Panasonic 18650 BD is shipped at 48% cost which is almost 1500mAh. Every month the batteries are saved, they will certainly shed some voltage. This is why when you obtain the batteries they will have a somewhat lower charge.

The BD should has a reduced limit of 2.0 V - so consider discharging your batteries but keeping an eye on that they do not go under 2.0 V. Upkeep every couple of months might be needed to cover up capability. Cells under 2.0 V will certainly begin to decompose.

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