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Lithium Battery Applications for Vehicles

Motived by the increasing environmental concerns and also the available resource limitations of oil, the automotive industry has continued to develop various alternative fuel vehicles. Out of all the potential solutions that do not utilize petroleum, lithium battery for electric vehicles such as electric bike, motorcycle, golf, electric car, etc. is among the widespread and most popular option. One of the main advantages of lithium battery is that these vehicles have zero emissions (generating no greenhouse gases or pollutants). Hence, electric vehicle batteries help contribute to cleaner air and they are better for the environment. Also, these vehicles run on electricity, which can be generated through more renewable and environmentally friendly means.


For replacement of lead acid batteries, lithium batteries are used for commercially electric vehicles successfully. Furthermore, as there have been great investments in support of infrastructure, electric vehicles batteries have become greatly viable and feasible option in automotive market for consumers. Having excellent specific energy and low self-discharge rate, it appears that variants of li ion battery packs are now the dominant type that are currently used in battery electric vehicles.

Batteries for electric vehicles are characterized by their relatively high power-to-weight ratio, specific energy and energy density; smaller, lighter batteries are desirable because they reduce the weight of the vehicle and therefore improve its performance.

PLS Battery, as one of lithium ion battery manufacturers, is able to offer one stop solutions for better riding or driving!

Now lithium batteries for electric bike, motorcycle, golf cart, has the standardized or customized specifications, by different lithium ion/lifepo4 battery cells, module, packs, BMS, enclosures for different dimension or waterproof requirements. 

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