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Renewable Energy Storage
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Lithium Battery Applications for Renewable Energy Storage

With the continuous improvement of lithium-ion battery technology and the pollution caused by EPS emergency power lead-acid batteries, customers have begun to use lithium-ion batteries as energy storage batteries thanks to the advantages.

Nowadays more and more renewable power is used in our daily life, for saving natural resources and more environment friendly. As a critical part of power supply, lithium batteries become the best choice of storage battery of renewable power which used for communication base stations, home use back-up power supplies, etc.

Renewable Energy Storage

The rapid drop in costs and evolution of lithium batteries and associated technology is changing our daily life. The new generation of solar energy storage is cheaper to buy, more cost-effective, streamlined and better appearance.

For storage of these renewable power, Lithium ion power pack and LiFePO4 battery pack  are largely requested. We, as a lithium ion battery factory, usually offer these battery packs with enclosures, some are waterproof (IP67) according to request, these battery packs are with lower maintenance and self-discharge, enough for daily home use.

Whether you are looking for a standalone solar storage system battery pack, or whether you need us to customized a solar storage system battery pack system according to custom specifications, we have the technology and expertise to meet to your requirements.

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