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Portable Device
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Lithium Battery Applications for Portable Device

With the rapid rise of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, people’ consumption mode and consumption demands are gradually changing. electronic products have penetrated into all aspects of our life for entertainments, communications, office work, smart homes, etc. Such as Smartphones, personal computers, tablets, laptops, notebooks, radios, digital cameras, televisions, MP3 players, Bluetooth speakers, calculators, camcorders and personal care devices and gaming consoles.

Portable Device

Intelligent, portable, price advantage expansion and solution of consumer electronic products are becoming important development trends. Therefore, the lithium batteries used in the electronic products becomes critical, which requires small size, light weight, flexibility, safer and longtime charging while maintaining long endurance.

Lithium polymer batteries has advantage of flexible dimension and high density, which can meet the requirements of long endurance, the lithium battery thickness can be as thin as 0.8mm, thickest can be 12mm, capacity vary from 20mah to 20Ah. Some bendable lithium polymer battery models are available for wearable device.

Meanwhile, lithium ion battery cells and packs can be used for some smart home products, such as robots, the li ion battery packs can keep these device working with longer time after one full charge because these devices are usually with high discharge current. 

Nowadays, PLS Battery, as one of lithium ion battery companies, has made great progresses in the market of batteries.

What PLS Battery do is offering qualified capacity/discharge current/shape/dimension lithium polymer or lithium ion battery cells or packs to keep consumers use portable devices anywhere and anytime without worrying about power supply.

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