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Lithium Battery Applications for Lights

In recent years, with the declining in the cost of key components such as photovoltaic modules, intelligent control systems and light-emitting diode light source loads and product technology innovation, solar street lights have been widely used in road lighting in suburbs, parks and new rural areas, which are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and safe. Solar street lights have the advantages of high performance, convenient installation and maintenance.

In outdoor environments, energy storage lithium pack has strong over-discharge recovery ability, high charge and discharge efficiency, energy saving, consumption reduction, long life and other electrical performance characteristics and advantages. Lighting options have significantly increased with lithium battery technology. The energy captured by lighting technology can be used for a wide array of home lighting purposes such as security lighting, pathway lighting, walkway lighting and lamp post lighting.


As for lights energy storage, lithium batteries are widely being used for various LED lights, as well as mining lights, flashlights and more. People know lithium batteries has more advantages than lead acid battery, while there are also different types of lithium batteries, therefore, it is better to be aware about the different types of batteries and the different purposes that they are being used for. Then it is possible for you to go for the best type of solar street light lithium battery based on your requirements. Moreover, knowing the type of solar street light lithium battery will be of great help in choosing the right LED lights (LED work light or flashlight for example) since power source greatly affects the performance of the LED light.

PLS Battery is professional in offering customized light battery solutions, including flashing lights, mining lights, one-stop solar LED lights, if any questions, please come to us for more details.

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