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LG INR18650 F1L vs. Panasonic NCR18650BD
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LG INR18650 F1L vs. Panasonic NCR18650BD

Panasonic NCR18650B is most likely one of the most preferred Li-ion battery of 18650 size. Though it's ranked at 3350mAh it's usually detailed as 3400mAh on suppliers' websites in addition to LG INR18650 F1L. They are both 3350mAh cells with 4.87 A maximum discharge score so they should be compared.

Both cells at 0.65 A (0.2 C), 2A and also 5A are checked.

The examinations were done utilizing gadget which sustains as much as 20A discharge, 4-wire measurement as well as is PC-connected.

Utilizing version 3.0 of battery holder based on 0.5 mm thick pure copper terminals

All the prescriptions of the IEC61960-2003 standard are complied with worrying battery's capability measurement. Before each discharging cycle each battery was billed at basic present mentioned in its datasheet to bill end voltage (4.2 V) (cut-off at 0.1 A). Before each discharging or charging i've held a 1-1.5 hrs time out. The atmosphere temperature level was 23.5-24.5 C. To ensure in results i've done each test minimum two times.

LG INR18650 F1L

Specs from datasheet:

Small capacity: 3350 mAh.

Minimum ability: 3250 mAh.

Small voltage: 3.63 V.

Criterion charge current: 975 mA (0.3 C).

Max cost current: 1625 mA (0.5 C).

Charge end voltage: 4.2 V.

Cost cut-off present: 50 mA.

Max. discharge existing: 4875 mA (1.5 C).

Release cut-off voltage: 2.5 V.

Air conditioning insusceptibility at 1KHz: 70 m.

Weight (max): 49 g.

The determined weight of LG INR18650 F1L cell is 45.31 g.

At 0.2 C (0.65 A) it showed about 3300mAh - more than 3250mAh pointed out as minimal capacity, however less than 3350mAh as well as, of course, 3400mAh. 12Wh is not a negative outcome. At 5A it showed about 3100mAh and 10Wh.

Panasonic NCR18650BD

The cell which is checked has the adhering to marking: H CURRICULUM VITAE 7131.

Specs from datasheet:

Typical ability: 3350 mAh at 25C.

Minimum capability: 3250 mAh at 25C.

Nominal voltage: 3.6 V.

Criterion charge current: 1625 mA (0.5 C).

Fee end voltage: 4.2 V.

Fee cut-off current: 65 mA.

Max. dischg current: 4875 mA (1.5 C).

Release cut-off voltage: 2.5 V.

A/c impedance at 1KHz: 100 m.

Weight: 48.5 g.

The measured weight of my Panasonic NCR18650BD cell is 45.79g.

Examination results:

At 0.2 C (0.65 A) NCR18650B's capability is a little bit greater than 3300mAh however still less than 3350mAh. At 5A 3162mAh and also 10.40 Wh appearance okay.

LG INR18650 F1L vs. Panasonic NCR18650BD

Allow's start with0.65 A (0.2 C) discharge:

Very close results. NCR18650B is a little bit better, however, the distinction is not considerable.

At 2A discharge:

No distinction in any way! Similar to doubles!

At 5A discharge:

NCR18650B at 5A leaves F1L behind with 55mAh/ 0.44 Wh difference. Not a significant advantage though.


Panasonic NCR18650BD appears to be just a bit far better than LG INR18650 F1L yet the distinction becomes visible just at 5A.

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