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E-Bike New Pattern In 2022 - In-Tube Batteries
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E-Bike New Pattern In 2022 - In-Tube Batteries

Intube? Downtube? Back tube? Or service provider battery pack liked as travel luggage? Which one is the tendency in 2022? Absolutely, we picked up in-tube battery as it's bike frame-integrated. By used in-tube battery pack, it makes your e-bike a little more cosmetically pleasing. This sort of battery pack will certainly be fall-arrest as well as easy to mount or dismount. Intube batteries are close to the bike's center of mass. This has a favorable effect on riding habits, also in hard surface. Clearly, it has ended up being a new favorite in OEMs as well as customers. There is also a price quote that in-tube batteries will certainly play a leading role in the electronic bike industry in 2022.

Three variants brings different cycling experience

1. 36V 16Ah/ 48V 12Ah

Cell Framework: 10S4P 13S3P

Release rate: 2C continual, 3C max

Smart BMS: CAN.

Cell Kind: 21700.

36V 17.5 Ah/ 48V15Ah.

Cell Structure: 10S5P/13S4P.

Discharge rate: 2C constant, 3C max.

Smart BMS: CAN.

Cell Kind: 18650.

The in-tube battery brings outstanding city scenic tour experience and, thanks to its small dimension as well as aesthetical layout, can be incorporated within the e-bike to perfect result. The sophisticated modern technology of the lithium-ion batteries that can be incorporated within the frame guarantees carefree riding enjoyment, while a safety and security catch avoids the battery from falling out also on extreme terrain. Nevertheless, the batteries can be eliminated in a couple of seconds. And also below's one awesome thing, it will be matched with any type of color! It resembles to set up flawlessly incorporated right into the e-bike.

2. 36V 16ah/ 48V 12ah.

Cell Framework: 10S4P/ 13S3P.

Discharge rate: 2C continual, 3C max.


Cell Type: 21700.

Dimensions: 340.2 X79X98.5 mm and 410.2 X79X98.5 mm.

The in-tube battery with 560Wh is developed specifically for 21700 cells! What is unusual is we will certainly offer 2 battery pack dimensions! This incorporated e-bike lithium-ion battery has no memory impact as well as can be billed any time regardless of its state of charge. The billing time is about 4 ~ 5 hrs (560Wh) for full capability. Combining reduced weight with ergonomic style and simple placing, it's actually a stylish power source to fit any kind of sort of e-bike.

3. 36V 20ah/ 48V 16ah.

Cell Framework: 10S5P/ 13S4P.

Release price: 2C constant, 3C max.

Smart BMS: CAN.

Cell Kind: 18650.

Dimensions: 410.2 X79X98.5 mm as well as 357X60X83mm.

18650 lithium-ion cells, 2 measurements for you to select, approximately 720Wh power density highest possible. Both classy and also functional, The 18650 in tube battery makes structures lighter possible, while additionally be merely taking care of, charging, and storage. Although maybe removed effortlessly, the battery pack will not befall of its structure in the challenging surface yet. Whether in mountain or long-distance riding, the in-tube battery is still reserving a lot of power for each adventure.

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