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Assembling Methods and Common Problems of Lipo Battery
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Assembling Methods and Common Problems of Lipo Battery

There are two key methods to assemble the lipo battery, one is production and assembly by lipo battery manufacturers, and the other is to purchase the lipo battery for DIY assembly. In fact, manufacturers have a lot of mechanical automation and programmed trading in the lipo battery assembly. Special tools and rechargeable batteries must be prepared in advance for the lipo battery assembly. Also, the design scheme should include volume, working voltage, charge and discharge current, etc. The following part will introduce the DIY method and common problems of the lipo battery assembly.

1. Procedures and standards for the installation of bulk lithium batteries

(1) The required battery performance should be calculated.

(2) It is needed to calculate the working voltage, volume, balanced charge and discharge current, the larger current, the working voltage after charging and discharging the assembled rechargeable battery. In addition, a suitable battery protection board should be chosen based on the characteristics of the relevant lipo rechargeable battery.

2. Preparation of the lipo battery assembly tooling

Tools such as spiral knife, scissors, vacuum pressure gauge, ammeter or general watt-hour meter, as well as welding tools include solder wire, electric flux are needed.

3. Model selection of the lipo battery and related accessories

(1) Selection of lipo battery cells

The relative characteristics of the lipo battery can be selected according to the working time and environment. For example, an ultra-low temperature lipo battery cell can be used in the natural environment with ultra-low temperature. And a high-temperature lipo battery cell should be used in high temperatures. This is very important, if there is a mistake, the assembled lipo better will not meet the expected regulations and it is likely to cause a safety accident.

(2) Selection of relative rechargeable battery accessories

The equipment is mainly connected with aluminum alloy parts for the serial application of power lines and the lipo battery. The selection of these parts should be based on the charging and discharging regulations of bulk lithium batteries. In addition, try to avoid the resistors of the raw materials to prevent the consumption of electromagnetic energy.

4. Notes for installing the lipo battery

About the installing of the lipo battery, PLS Battery will give you some notes. If you want to find reliable lipo battery suppliers, please contact us first.

(1) In addition to the quality of the lipo battery, it is also necessary to pay attention to the consistency of the intermediate working voltage, internal resistance, volume, charge and discharge characteristics, etc. when selecting the lipo battery for assembling bulk lithium batteries. It is better to have lower the reason for the deviation.

(2) It is not allowed to mix the new and old rechargeable lipo battery cells, which will quickly destroy the new rechargeable battery lipo cells and harm the service life of all lithium battery packs.

(3) Different characteristics of the cell cannot be mixed in the application, which means high-temperature rechargeable batteries cannot be mixed with general rechargeable batteries. And ultra-low-temperature rechargeable batteries cannot be mixed with high-temperature rechargeable batteries.

(4) When assembling bulk lithium batteries, it should be noted that rechargeable batteries cannot be used in endless series and parallel circuits, and the quality of the lipo battery and the intelligent management system of rechargeable batteries is limited. The short-circuit fault should be paid attention to during the whole installation process to prevent accidents. After the safety accidents, countermeasures that can be resolved safely should be formulated in advance.

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