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3 Assembly Methods 12V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
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3 Assembly Methods 12V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Ⅰ. Assembly of polymer 12V lithium ion battery pack


The basic principle of 12V polymer lithium battery assembly is to connect the polymer lithium batteries in 3 series, but the battery protection board must be added when the polymer 12V lithium ion battery is customized and connected. Next, according to the laser welding technology process, the battery soldering technology , PACK lithium-ion battery finished product production and processing technology is mixed into a crystallization.

The principle of 12V lithium power pack assembly is customized according to the actual product needs. The battery customization workflow is mainly based on the actual situation to carry out evaluation and analysis, and the cost analysis is carried out according to the company's process, and the profit analysis is carried out for comprehensive quotation. Under normal circumstances, the battery is customized. The workflow is divided into the following two parts:

1. Understand the actual needs of the company's products, and only need to supply the lithium-ion battery's external dimensions, electrical performance requirements, output requirements, and functional requirements to customize the battery.

2. If you don't know the actual needs of the company's products, you need to tell the manufacturer about the required functions, working hours, product power, and appearance.

Ⅱ. Cylindrical 12V lithium ion battery pack


Multiple cylindrical cells are designed in series and parallel to form a corresponding 12V lithium ion battery pack, but one thing is that the cylindrical 12V lithium ion battery pack must meet the requirements of the customer's battery size, voltage capacity, and overcurrent regulations. .

Cylindrical lithium battery assembly For example, a 12V solar insecticidal lamp lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2.6Ah and a nominal voltage of 11.1V. Most of the manufacturing industries refer to these 3-series lithium-ion batteries as a 12V lithium-ion battery pack. Can be customized, such as 12V10Ah solar insecticidal lamp lithium-ion battery, 12V8Ah solar insecticidal lamp lithium-ion battery, 12V15Ah lithium-ion battery customized technical method.

Ⅲ. 12V lithium iron phosphate battery assembly


The nominal voltage of custom-made lithium-ion battery packs similar to these lithium iron phosphate materials is generally called 12.8V, and some battery technicians call them 12.8V lithium-ion battery packs, but the technical requirements for custom-made lithium iron phosphate 12V lithium-ion batteries are becoming more and more rigorous. , it can make 26650 lithium ion battery or 18650 lithium ion battery pack according to the 4 series battery structure to carry out PACK production, processing and assembly, and then make lithium iron phosphate 12V lipo battery pack customized enterprise products.

As the development of the battery industry gradually matures, the battery PACK modular technology will become more and more mature. The development of battery PACK technology involves multi-disciplinary and multi-field knowledge and requires interdisciplinary technology integration. All in all, if car companies want to finally produce PACK products on a large scale that fully meet the requirements of new energy vehicles in terms of lifespan, stability, reliability, and safety, they still need a lot of engineering practice and test verification, as well as continuous optimization and upgrading of products. process.

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