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18650 Lithium Battery Pack Process Points
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18650 Lithium Battery Pack Process Points

The 18650 lithium-ion battery is one of the most common lithium-ion batteries on the market, so what are the main points of the PACK process of the 18650 lithium-ion battery? Let's take a look.

1. The 18650 lithium battery pack process is mainly formulated according to the structure of the PACK battery

Most of the 18650 lithium battery packs have similar process characteristics, which are characterized by multiple parallels and multiple strings. The 18650 lithium battery pack process has distinct characteristics. The biggest feature is the flexible combination. Most of the continuous orders can be completed semi-automatically. It is conceivable that the 18650 lithium battery pack process is becoming more and more streamlined. Generally, 18650 lithium batteries PACK battery pack includes: 18650 cells, battery protection board, connecting nickel sheets, lead-out nickel sheets, highland barley paper accessories, insulating paper, wires or plug wires, PVC outer packaging or shell, output (including connectors), key switch, power Instructions, and auxiliary materials such as EVA, highland barley paper, and plastic supports form a PACK, and most types of 18650 battery packs are suitable for this process.

18650 Lipo Battery

锂电芯PACK生产流程  Lithium battery PACK production process

锂电池分选 Lithium battery sorting

电芯上辅料 Accessories on the battery

装配支架(含镍片)Assembly bracket (including nickel sheet)

点焊 Spot welding

焊锡(保护板线材)Solder (protection board wire)

半成品测试 Semi-finished product test  不合格 Failed 返修  Rework

合格 Qualified 封装(外套PVC) Encapsulation (coating PVC)  

成品老化测试 Finished product aging test

成品出货 Finished product shipment

电芯分选 Cell sorting   贴辅料 Paste accessories

装支架 Mounting bracket  点焊 Spot welding


2. Multi-parallel and multi-series 18650 lithium battery pack design skills

(1) Adopt the principle of priority and easy operation, that is, easy operation by employees.

(2) Adopt the principle of priority operation safety, that is, employees are not easy to short-circuit or have better preventive measures when operating.

(3) Adopt the principle of equipment, that is, the use of auxiliary equipment should be done without manual labor, at least semi-automatic.

(4) The packaging design should be reasonable, easy to take and put away, and the product should not be delivered to the customer for a long time.

3. 18650 lithium battery pack process quality characteristics

(1) To use lithium batteries with good quality, qualified and stable suppliers are required to provide single cells with good performance. The single cells have undergone a series of safety tests and performance tests and are used after passing the test.

(2) The internal resistance of the battery is required to be low and consistent. Regardless of the 14.8V lithium battery pack or other energy storage battery packs, it is necessary to ensure that the low internal resistance ensures the capacity, platform, and heat dissipation of high-current discharge.

(3) The battery structure adopts ventilation design, and the distance between two adjacent batteries is not less than 2mm. This structure requires the battery to be fixed with a plastic bracket.

(4) The PACK battery factory uses slotted nickel sheets for spot welding. The size of the nickel sheets meets the requirements of high current discharge, the nickel sheet material ensures low internal resistance, the spot welding machine ensures stable operation, and the welding needles ensure the quality. After passing the job, check whether the solder joints are firm or not after spot welding. In addition, each batch of products is subjected to a vibration test to verify the anti-vibration performance.

(5) Different batches of batteries are made into typical finished products and subjected to life tests. The actual cycle life is obtained by cycle testing of finished batteries when the experience of 18650 lithium battery PACK design specifications is summarized.

(6) Verify the high and low temperature performance of the battery. The cells of different PACK lithium battery manufacturers are made into finished products and subjected to different rate discharge tests at high and low temperatures to obtain the actual discharge curve.

18650 Lipo Battery

自动点焊 Automatic spot welding 焊线 Welding wire 套PVC Set of PVC 成品喷码 Finished product coding 成品老化 Finished product aging

焊锡 Solder 焊BMS   Soldering BMS 半成品测试  Semi-finished product testing 

PVC吹塑   PVC blow molding 半成品测试 Semi-finished product testing 

PVC吹塑 PVC blow molding 成品出货 Finished product shipment

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